Simple Melts: Wax Melt Bundle

Our wax melts are infused with toxin-free scents to give you hours of pleasant (not overpowering) aroma, and are designed for use in a wax melter or simmer pot.

You can breathe easy with our Simple Wax Melts, made with 100% pure soy wax, premium toxin-free scents, and compostable packaging; made from plants and 100% compostable.

Why Aroma Melts:

  • Wax melts produce a lovely and subtle aroma without being overpowering or “perfumey”
  • Natural & eco-friendly alternative to other melts on the market

 Product Info:

  • 5 aroma melts per package
  • 5oz of 100% pure, additive-free soy wax
  • Non-toxic scents
  • Burn time varies depending on your warmer - but you can expect 12+ hours of aroma per melt
  • $12.00