Vintage Glass Care

Let’s talk about cleaning your candle jars.

As part of our sustainable practices, we inspire you to clean out your candle jars so they can be repurposed for something new (even a new candle). Soy wax is easy to clean and when you're done, you'll have a beautiful vintage glass to reuse!

How To Clean Your Candle Jars
First, let the candle jar sit in warm/hot water and dish soap until the wax softens.

Next, holding the jar in one hand, use a damp paper towel or cloth and gently wash your jar with the warm soapy water.

If you have wax that is stuck on real good, you can use a butter knife to help loosen it before you wash it with the soapy water.

Finally, let your glass dry! It’s that easy. Now that your candle jar is clean you can repurpose it however you like; perhaps as a succulent pot, or a jewellery container, or even a bowl for some snacks. We are coming out with a refill program very soon, perfect for those of you who want to keep using the same vintage glass as your go-to self ritual candle.

We do not recommend putting your vintage glass jars in the freezer. Since these candle glasses are more fragile they stand a higher risk of cracking in the cold.

Pro Tip: Use an old strainer when cleaning your candle wax from your jar. The strainer will catch the old wax, preventing it from going down the drain. 


Simple Ritual Refill Program
Our refill program will be available for local and GTA orders - we are located in Mississauga. To refill your candle, you will need to purchase a refill plan on our website (coming soon) and drop off your cleaned vintage glass at our home office. The refill process will take about 1 week's time for us to make your new candle and for the soy wax to set and cure.

The cost of the refill will be 50% of the original candle price and includes the scent of your choice from our current collections. By refilling your candle, you are not only reducing waste, practising sustainability, and getting to try out a new scent, but you are also setting intentions by making your candle part of your daily sacred ritual! It's a win/win/win! Stay tuned for more updates on our refills program, in the meantime, jump over to our Instagram page for some candle offerings and community love.