The Scent Room

001. Dusk
Smells like your favourite mystery novel and a smooth glass of whiskey.
With notes of vanilla, patchouli + sandalwood.

002. Wild
Smells like an evening walk through the warm woods; maybe you don't know where you're going yet, and that's okay.
With notes of cedarwood + eucalyptus.

003. Lunar
Smells like the relaxing warmth of a hot cup of tea while you binge watch true crime videos at 1:00 am.
With notes of sweet honey + soothing lavender.

004. Spirited
Smells like baking with your grandmother on a frosty Canadian morning.
With notes of rich spices + warm cinnamon.

005. Pure
Unscented for those with allergies or sensitivities; your nose will thank you.

006. Harvest Moon (Available in Autumn Season)
Smells like a warming cup of spiced tea and the musky-sweetness of fallen leaves.
With notes of orange, clove + frankincense.

WINTER SOLSTICE COLLECTION  (Available in Winter Season)
007. Flourish
Smells like a simmering pot of mulled fruits and sweet herbal tea with a splash of grannys secret stash. shh...
With notes of red currant + sweet herbs.

008. Northern Woods
Smells like how the snow covered woods make you feel.
With notes of wild fern, patchouli + floral musk.

009. Winter Spice
Smells like decorating your fresh Christmas tree while mom sips a glass of sherry and dad bakes gluten-free cookies in the kitchen.
With notes of fresh berries, spruce + vanilla spice.

Eucalyptus Essential Oils
Smells like stepping into the spa for a day of pampering.

Lavender & Sage Essential Oils
Smells like long strolls through wild lavender fields in the evening sun.

Bergamot & Lime Essential Oils
Smells like key lime pie with a cup of spiced citrus tea.