Our Process
Because we hand pick and pour each candle in small batches, we release new candle batches every 1-2 months; each batch contains approximately 25 vintage candles. Each of our candles is one of a kind and curated with the intention to bring our community and customers a different kind of shopping experience. Please be patient as we craft each batch of candles with love and care. 

Refills + Custom Order + Speciality Orders
Inspired by sustainability and in the hopes that you feel grounded by your own simple ritual practices, we offer a candle refill service for previously purchased Simple Ritual Candles. Click Here to read about our Refill Services. 

Wholesale Orders
Please email kayla@simpleritualcandles.ca for information on wholesale orders and for our latest catalogue. 

Candle Care
It is important to let the wax melt to the edge of the glass the first time you burn it and each time after. This will allow for even burning, and less wax will go to waste. Click Here to read more on Candle Care.

  • Trim wick to 1/4" before lighting
  • Burn on a level, heat resistant surface and do not leave unattended
  • Keep wax pool free from debris¬†

We love accepting donations from our community! If you have some treasured vintage glasses that no longer serve you, and would like to donate them to us, please email us at kayla@simpleritualcandles.ca with some information on the type of containers you have, how many, etc and we'd be happy to coordinate a pickup/drop off time if they are suitable for candle burning.