Refills, Custom Orders & Specialty Candle Programs

Refill Program
As part of our sustainable practises, Simple Ritual offers candle refills and custom orders. Our refill program is available for local and GTA drop off/pick up only - we are located in Mississauga. You can customize your refills with a scent that is available in our current collection. The refill process takes about 1 week to complete and for the candles to set.

Refill Pricing
Prices are based on what candle(s) you have previously ordered. Please use the below chart to determine the price for your refill.

  • $20 - $30 candles – $15 to refill
  • $30 - $40 candles – $20 to refill
  • $40 - $50 candles – $25 to refill
  • $50 - $60 candles – $30 to refill
  • $60 - $70 candles – $35 to refill

Custom Candle Program
Bring your own vintage vessel or family heirloom and reimagine it as a stunning candle. At Simple Ritual we love taking your treasures and turning them into useable home decor pieces that bring the family together and invoke nostalgia. 

Custom Candle Pricing
$35 minimum for a single custom candle fill.
*this price is subject to change based on size and material needed.

Specialty Custom Orders
Weddings, birthday's, or events - we can offer custom candles for all of your special moments and memories.

To start your refill / custom / specialty order please email with the details of what you are looking for.