Simple Ritual

A ritual is a series of thoughtful actions, practiced regularly, to draw us into a sacred space. Rituals invite us to use intention; focus our senses, movements, and feelings, to create meaning and purpose. Our lives are chaotic and often interrupted, yet we should still make time for our own rituals throughout the day. For some, it may be that first cup of coffee enjoyed in peaceful solitude. For others, it could be a carved out moment in the day to read a good book or write in a journal.

Simple Ritual was born out of a desire to define these moments. By lighting one of our candles, you are taking a moment to ground yourself, to be present, to honour and recognize your emotions and feelings, and to practice your daily simple ritual.


Founders Story 

Hello everyone, my name is Kayla. I am an artist, a writer, a vintage lover, and I am a cancer survivor. When I was 21 I was diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer. After 9 months of difficult treatment, I found out that I had relapsed with a mutated rare cancer called grey zone lymphoma. I underwent another year of treatment including a stem cell transplant that ultimately ended up saving me. I have been in remission since 2016, and I have taken my second chance at life to share my story through my business.

As a survivor, or rather a thriver, I understand what it means to take a moment for myself and to make myself a priority. Thus, the birth of Simple Ritual. With love from my kitchen, I craft these candles, making sure each one burns clean with warmth, wellbeing, and kindness. It started off as a part of my healing and my love for holistic health practices, and now I want to share it with my community.

If you would like to read more about my cancer experience, check out my personal blog, This Infernal Racket: life, after cancer.



Having gone through different cancer treatments, which left my body weak and poisoned, holistic clean healing has been my entire focus in my life after cancer. My candles are made in small batches with 100% soy wax. They are sourced in North America and made by hand and heart in Mississauga. I handpick each glass, pour soy wax, and scent each piece to create unique candles for your homes and rituals.

Simple Ritual candles are made in small batches using biodegradable soy wax with vintage vessels and metal canisters sourced in the Toronto GTA. Handpicked glass, biodegradable soy wax, and premium fragrance/essential oils are used to create unique up-cycled candles for home decor and personal rituals. Our traveller tin collection perfectly captures the ability to bring your simple rituals on-the-go with light and easy to carry 8oz candles. Whether you’re going abroad or sneaking off for a secret rendezvous with your lover, our tins are a perfect fit for any life and style.

Simple Ritual is passionate about creating products that prioritize sustainability by re-purposing materials instead of constantly creating new objects that contribute to mass consumerism. Our business methods include sustainable sourcing in our ingredients and re-purposing packaging wherever possible. We want our customers to re-use their candle canisters or have them refilled as part of our efforts to minimize ‘fast fashion’ in the home decor world.


Giving Back

As a cancer thriver, it is very important for me to give back to my community - a community that helps support other young adults who are struggling with a cancer diagnosis, searching for a connection or support from someone who ‘gets it’. A percentage from every candle sale will be donated to Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC). It is an organization that supports young adults living with, through and beyond cancer. YACC connects and supports hundreds of young adults across Canada. They are dear to my heart, as they saved my life while I was recovering from my two years of cancer treatments.

In 2017 I discovered YACC; I went to a young adult cancer retreat in British Columbia and met a group of strangers who helped me start my life again with their honesty, vulnerability, and their willingness to share the deepest moments of their lives. Connecting with these people was the start of my new life.