Why You Should Buy Clean Burning Candles

Living in Canada, as I do...and you do, we're starting to notice every day is now shorter and darker than the one before..winter is coming. BASICALLY we'll be burning candles until the cows come home. And as much as we all love a good candle the question that we need to ask ourselves is: How will this candle affect my breathing? How much am I willing to sacrifice for that bougie fragrance, wax and overall product.

Conventional candles are typically made from paraffin wax (aka petroleum) and are harmful for both the environment and us/our fur babies. As paraffin burns, it creates toxic benzene and toluene chemicals, both of which are known carcinogens. Breathing them in is as bad for your health as second-hand smoke!!!! GROSS. On top of that, many conventional candles contain dyes and toxic fragrances. Put all of these together and you've basically got a case of awful lung issues, cardiac problems, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and allergies.

As a cancer survivor it is of the utmost importance that my products are clean. It would be really shitty if I beat cancer twice and then got it a third time because I was breathing in harmful chemicals from a candle. It's 2020 people and I think it's about time we put intentions towards making better choices, starting with our candles.

You want organic and eco-friendly candles with cotton or wood wicks, made from vegetable wax (coconut, soy, beeswax). You want Simple Ritual candles!

✨ crafted with 100% soy wax (beeswax coming soon)
✨ premium toxin free fragrances & essential oils
✨ clean burning
✨ sustainable vintage vessels
✨ recycled packaging and labels


Simple Ritual Candles are worth bragging about!

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