5 Years as a Cancer Survivor

5 years ago I was told I had stage 3 cancer. Not the typical words a 21-year-old university student hears...Today marks my 5th anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted to share a little of my story and how it inspired me to create Simple Ritual.

In 2014 I was first diagnosed with stage 3 blood cancer. After a year of chemotherapy and radiation, I relapsed in 2015 with a rare form of cancer. My only option at that point was to undergo a stem cell transplant alongside high-intensity chemotherapy and radiation.

The years to follow my treatments were arguably more difficult than the treatment itself and I turned to holistic medicine and healing to help guide me through fear, anxiety, PTSD, and learning how to live again. Through these years of relearning how to be a functional human being again, I started curating a lifestyle that focused on holistic health and simply just being more mindful of the things in my day to day life. Something that I learned early on was the importance of making time for myself, making time for a moment to stop and take a breath. Putting yourself first isn't bad. It's necessary selfishness in your healing journey.

Fast forward to 2020 when I decided to take my love for holistic wellness to the next level and start Simple Ritual. I wanted a product that was safe for a cancer patient to use and safe for the environment. I wanted a candle that got back to the basics; that was simple, clean-burning and toxin-free. I wanted my business to be sustainable through packaging, labels, and the actual candles themselves. I wanted Simple Ritual to be just that, an intentional simple ritual for you to have in your day, a moment to reconnect with yourself.


If you ever want to read more about my cancer experience and my life after cancer, then you should head over to my personal cancer blog This Infernal Racket.

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